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Democracy told to kids…and beyond!
From the polis of Athens to the present day

Democracy-told -to-kids-and-beyond-book-by-Antonio-Petruccelli-Giuseppe-PetruccelliIn this essay we retrace the most significant moments in the long and controversial history of democracy, constantly woven together by the thought of the great political philosophers and by institutional, socio-economic and cultural changes: from the polis of Athens, through Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, Renaissance Europe, the Enlightenment, the Revolutions of the 1700s and 1800s, the long 20th century, to the contemporary era and its global challenges.
A historical evolutionary process that has shaped a political model – in constant flux, not without errors and with many enemies – that aspires to equality, dialogue and the exercise of the rights of each and all. A model that, however changeable, demanding and vulnerable, is inalienable because it promises the pursuit of individual happiness, with respect and consideration for others.
An essay on the power and allure of democracy.


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